Foie gras ganache, pistachios, thyme strawberry jam, buckthorn, sweet bread 5790.- 

Beef tartare, rosemary mayonnaise, caper tomato jam, black garlic, toasted panko breadcrumbs 5790.-  

Burrata, salmon, raspberry gazpacho, basil, almonds 5090.-


Egg soup, home-made ramen noodles, onsen egg, lardon, smoked paprika (1, 3, 6, 9) 3890,-

Green pea cream soup, wasabi sugar peas, trout, smoked goat cheese 3890.-

Main course

RUTIN style chicken paprikash with noodles 4990.-

Breaded duck liver with confited onion and mashed potatoes and white onion cream 5290.-

Butterfish, white asparagus foam, charcoal roasted asparagus, tarragon, kohlrabi, green apple 6390.- 

Mangalica pork chop, hunter's stew, roasted carrots, celery, smoked carrot foam (1, 7, 9, 10) 6790.-

Panko shrimp, sweet potato cream, spicy mango chutney, sesame-sweet potato mash, ginger vinegar turnip 6390.- 

Branzino stuffed with smoked prawns and scallops, squash velouté, caviar, dill 6790.-

Duck breast, miso-caesar foam, toasted romaine lettuce, tempura crisp, aged cheese 6390.-

Beef croquette, stroganoff sauce, pickle sourdough dumplings, roasted mushrooms, parsley 6790.-


Elderflower cucumber salad, gari 590,- 

Kimchi 790,-


Poppy seed bread pudding, sour cherry, vanilla 2890.- 

White chocolate, pumpkin seed, raspberry 2790.-

Forest fruit, rosemary cheesecake 2890.-

Pecan carrot cake 2790.-

Strawberry, cottage cheese dumplings 2790.-


1=Gluten; 2=Crayfish; 3=Egg; 4=Fish; 5=Peanut; 6=Soy; 7=Dairy; 8=Nuts; 9=Celery; 10=Mustard; 11=Sesame; 12=Sulphur dioxid; 13=Lupine; 14=Molluscs;

All prices are in HUF and include VAT / A 13% service charge will be added to the total amount of the invoice.